Certified SBA
Women Owned Small Business

GigaSpan has successfully completed the rigorous Federal Contracting certification through the SBA and has earned designation as a Certified Woman Owned Small Business. The criteria for eligibility set forth by the SBA mandates that a business must:

  • Be a small business according to SBA size standards.
  • Be at least 50% owned and controlled by women who are U.S. citizens.
  • Have women manage day-to-day operations who also make long-term decisions

We are proud to have earned this designation, as well as also be certified by the City and County of Denver as a W/MBE, DBE, and SBE. All the certifications earned by GigaSpan show our commitment to the local business community and to meet stringent federal and local government requirements.

Small businesses, as defined by the SBA, are often more agile, innovative, and responsive than large cumbersome organizations. Our customers can capitalize on the depth and breadth of innovation as well as flexibility in operations. Working with small teams helps your business to develop solid collaborative relationships intrinsic to diverse teams.

Additionally, our certifications provide peace of mind to our customers because we have been vetted through the certification process as a reliable business meeting the strict standards set forth by the certifying organizations.

Whether a customer is a government entity, institution of higher learning or a private business we serve all our customers with extreme attention to industry best practices, higher standards of service, integrity, and value.

Since our founding in 2009, GigaSpan has been committed to providing the best end-to-end customer experience possible. These official government certifications as well as our many industry certifications, benefit our customers by ensuring they are working with the very best in the industry.